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Custom Solar Electric Systems in Central Florida

Solartek can help you choose the best solar electric system for your situation.  We offer custom designs and high quality installations using a variety of photovoltaic products.  We are happy to propose various system sizes, module choices and mounting styles to an interested homeowner or business.  Whether a small roof-mounted array or a large ground-mounted system, we can help guide you to a system that maximizes production at the best possible cost.  Our focus is on solar electric systems and the photovoltaic technology that makes these systems possible.

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Areas of Expertise


For most customers, a grid-tied system will be the best choice.  Grid-tie means that the homeowner remains connected to the utility so that there will always be sufficient energy for the household.  When excess energy is generated, it will automatically be sent back toward the utility for a credit.


An electrical system with no connection to any electrical utility is an off-grid system.  Energy storage is essential for an off-grid system and this is almost always accomplished with batteries.  Although an off-grid system is appealing to many, a typical Florida home would require a huge and expensive array and battery bank to match the availability of the utility.  Off-grid is best for remote cabins shelters or sheds.

battery back-up

To take advantage of solar power during a utility power outage, a battery back-up may be desirable.  In this scenario, a battery bank stores energy for an outage and is then replenished with solar energy as long as the sun shines.  New lithium ion batteries require less space, but the cost remains high and these systems are not intended to run everything in the house. 



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